Keon-Hyung Lee
Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Southern California, Public Administration
M.S., Standford Unversity
M.P.H., Yale University
B.S., Ohio, Business Administration

Specializations: Health Service Administration and Research; Health Finance; Performance Measurement

Phone: (850) 645-8210
Office: 659 Bellamy

Keon-Hyung Lee, Ph.D., M.P.H., is Associate Professor of public administration and public health in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at FSU. Before coming to FSU, he was a faculty member at Western Michigan University and University of Central Florida where he taught health care finance, health policy analysis, managed care, health economics, quantitative analysis, and scientific inquiry. He also worked for three years as a resident consultant at RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California.

Recent Publications and Papers

Lee HJ, Lee HW, Lee KH, Wan T.T.H. “Comparing Efficiency between Public Hospitals and Private Hospitals in South Korea” (forthcoming, International Journal of Public Policy)

Bae KH, Lee KH. “Internet, Municipal Governance and Local Economic Development: in the Case of LA Basin Area” (forthcoming, International Review of Public Administration)

Wagenfeld-Heintz E, Ross VC, Lee KH. “Physician's Perceptions of Patients in a County Sponsored Health Plan” (forthcoming, Journal of Health and Social Policy)

Lee KH. (2007)“The Effects of Case Mix on Hospital Costs and Revenues for Medicare Patients in California” Journal of Medical Systems, 31(5):254-262.

Lee KH. (2007) “Differential Effects of Hospital Case Mix on Hospital Costs and Revenues with a Focus on Medicaid Patients” International Journal of Public Policy, 2(3/4):328-341.

Lee KH, Roh CY. (2007) “The Impact of Payer-Specific Hospital Case Mix on Hospital Costs and Revenues for Third-Party Patients” Journal of Medical Systems, 31(1):1-7.

Bayram S, Yilmaz F, Lee KH. (2007) “Factors Affecting Inpatient Satisfaction: Structural Equation Modeling” Journal of Medical Systems, 31(1):9-16.

Lee KH, Anderson YM. (2007) “The Association between Clinical Pathways and Hospital Length of Stay: A Case Study” Journal of Medical Systems, 31(1):79-83.

Lee KH, Roh CY. (2006) “Effects of Hospital Competition on Hospital Costs in the State of Michigan: Lessons for Korean Health Policy Development” The Journal of Korean Public Policy, 8(2):93-110.

Lee KH, Davenport L. (2006) “Can Case Management Interventions Reduce the Number of Emergency Department Visits by Frequent Users?” The Health Care Manager, 25(2):155-159.
Roh CY, Lee KH. (2005) “Hospital Choice by Rural Medicare Beneficiaries: Does Hospital Ownership Matter? – A Colorado Case” Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 28(3):346-365.

Lee KH, Melnick GA, Myrtle RC. (2005) “Effects of Case Mix on Total Hospital Costs and Total Revenues in Managed Care Environments” Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 28(1):96-134.

Recent Awards and Achievements

University-Wide In-House Grant Competition Award ($7,500.00), University of Central Florida, 2006-2007 Academic Year.

External Researcher, Institute of Hospital and Welfare, Yonsei University, South Korea (January 2006-currently)

Arts and Science Faculty Teaching & Research Award ($2,000.00), College of Arts and Sciences, Western Michigan University, 2003-2004 Academic Year.

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