Keon-Hyung Lee
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Director

Ph.D., University of Southern California, Public Administration
M.S., Standford Unversity
M.P.H., Yale University
B.S., Ohio, Business Administration

Specializations: Health Service Administration and Research; Health Finance; Performance Measurement

Phone: (850) 645-8210
Office: 659 Bellamy

Keon-Hyung Lee, Ph.D., M.P.H., is Associate Professor of public administration and public health in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at FSU. Dr. Lee is also the Ph.D. director at the Askew School. Before coming to FSU, he was a faculty member at Western Michigan University and University of Central Florida where he taught health care finance, health policy analysis, managed care, health economics, quantitative analysis, and scientific inquiry. He also worked for three years as a resident consultant at RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California.

Recent Publications and Papers

Park, J.*, Kim, P., & Lee, K-H. (in press). How Do Participative Management and Innovation Affect Perceived Organizational Performance? Public Performance and Management Review .


Park, J.*, & Lee, K-H. (in press). The Association between Managed Care Enrollments and Potentially Preventable Hospitalization among Adult Medicaid Recipients in Florida. BMC Health Services Research.


Park, S.*, Lee, K-H., & Lee, S. (2014). Public Health and Local Comprehensive Plan: Socio-Physical, Political and Multi-Sectoral Context. Lex Localis , 14(1), 105-125


Lee, K-H., Park, S.*, Park, J.* & Lim, S.* (2013). Medicaid Inpatients Cost and Nested Structural Analysis: Using a Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) Approach. Health Services Outcome and Research Methodology , 13, 157-173.


Park, J.*, Lee, K-H., & Park, S.* (2013). Factors Affecting State's SCHIP Spending and Coverage: The Role of Partisan Politics and Fiscal Determinants. International Review of Public Administration, 18(2), 211-233.


Kim, C., Lee, S., Kang, J., Park, B., Park, S.*, Park, H., Lee, K-H., Yi, Y., & Jeong, B. (2013). Application of Revised Nursing Work Index in South Korean Hospital Nurses. Asian Nursing Research , 7(3), 128-135.


Lee, K-H, & Kim, P. (2012). Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction among Public Servants: A South Korean Case. International Journal of Public Policy , 8(1/2/3) , 108-193.


Park, S.*, Park, J.*, & Lee, K-H. (2012). Growth Management Priority and Land Use Regulation in Local Governments: Regarding Full Structural Equation Modeling. International Review of Public Administration , 17(1) , 124-147.

Recent Awards and Achievements

Mastaglio, T. (April 2013-Nov 2013). Analysis of Modeling & Simulation in Virginia. Funded by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Total award $255,196.

Yeo, Y-H & Lee, K-H. (November 2013-April 2014). A Comparative Analysis of Managing Quasi-Public Organizations: Focusing on the Local Public Hospitals of South Korea and the United States. Funded by the Korea Research Foundation. Total award $13,700.

Kim, C-H. & Lee, K-H. (September 2013-October 2014). What Makes the Change of Public Health Expenditure? A Comparative Study between Korea and U.S. Funded by the Korea Research Foundation. Total award $25,500.

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