Rick Feiock

Richard Feiock
Augustus B. Turnbull Professor &
The Jerry Collins Eminent Scholar

Director, Local Governance Research Lab
FSU Sustainable Energy & Governance Center

Ph.D., Kansas, Political Science
M.P.A., Kansas
B.A., Penn State, Political Science

Specializations: local government, public policy, and institutions and organizations

Phone: (850) 644-7615
Email: rfeiock@fsu.edu
Office: 642 Bellamy

Richard C. Feiock (Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1986) is internationally recognized for his expertise in local government and local democratic institutions. He holds the Jerry Collins Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and is the Augustus B. Turnbull Professor of Public Administration and Policy in the Askew School at Florida State University. He is the founding director of the FSU Local Governance Research Laboratory and served as Ph.D. Program Director for the Askew School from 1999-2004. He directs the Sustainable Energy & Governance unit of FSU's Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability.

Professor Feiock is Managing Editor of Public Administration Review. He has lectured in Moscow (Russia and Idaho), Lisbon, Seoul, Mexico City, Beijing, and throughout the U.S. and was a Fulbright Fellow in South Korea in 2005-06. He has been principal investigator on four National Science Foundation research grant awards and has received grant awards from Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, Aspen Institute, IBM Center for the Business of Government, and the Fulbright Scholar Program. Professor Feiock has written or edited five books over one-hundred refereed articles in the leading scholarly journals of political science, public administration, and urban affairs. His most recent work in collaboration with John Scholz is an edited book Self-organizing Federalism: Collaborative Mechanisms to Mitigate Institutional Collective Action Dilemmas published by Cambridge University Press.


Recent Grants

“Predictive Modeling Network for Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystems” Lead PI: Yong Tao, University of North Texas; Co-PI: R.C. Feiock. National Science Foundation, RCN-SEES, $61,732. March 2014-August 2018.

“Linking Efforts to Outcomes: The Development of Weights for Local Sustainability Actions,” PIs: R. M. Krause, R. C. Feiock, and C. V. Hawkins, CH2MHill, $18,000, Nov 2013- Sept 2014.

“Putting Waste to Work: A Longitudinal Study of Local Green Job Creation,” PI: R.C. Feiock, Florida Department of Environmental Protection/Hinkley Center, $130,000. Sept. 2012-2015.

“Research Coordination Network for Sustainable Cities: People and the Energy-Climate-Water Nexus,” (sub-recipient) PIs: A. Ramaswami, L. Baker, L. Bank, M. Chertow, P. Romero-Lankao National Science Foundation, $749,704. January 2012 – December 2016.

"Informed Principals and Learning Agents: Modeling Outcomes from Federal Grants for Sustainable Energy," PIs: R. C. Feiock and K. Yang, National Science Foundation, $317,000, Sept 2011-August 2015.

Recent Publications and Papers

Krause, R., R. C. Feiock, & C. Hawkins (2015). "The Administrative Organization of Sustainability within Local Government," Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory , forthcoming.

Terman, J. and Feiock R. (2015). Improving Outcomes in Fiscal Federalism: Local Political Leadership and Administrative Capacity, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory , forthcoming.

Ha, H., Lee, I. & Feiock, R. (2015). Organizational Network Activities for Local Economic Development. Economic Development Quarterly . forthcoming.

Kwon, M., Feiock, R. & Jang, H. (2015). Climate Protection and Energy Sustainability Policy in California Cities: What Have We Learned. Journal of Urban Affairs , forthcoming.

Jang, H., Feiock, R. & Saitgalina, M. (2014). Institutional Collective Action Issues in Nonprofit Self-organized Collaboration. Administration & Society . forthcoming.

Yi, H. & Feiock, R. (2014). Renewable Energy Politics: Policy Typologies, Policy Tools and State Deployment of Renewables. Policy Studies Journal , forthcoming.

Lee, Y., Feiock, & R. (2014). Governance and Growth Management: The Use of Impact Fees by Florida Cities. Economic Development Quarterly . forthcoming.

Feiock, R., Krause R. & Hawkins, C. (2014). The Integrated City Sustainability Database, Urban Affairs Review . forthcoming.

Kwon, S. W., Feiock, R. & Bae, J. (2014). The Roles of Regional Organizations in Interlocal Resource Exchange: Complement or Substitute. American Review of Public Administration . 44 (3): 339 - 357. 10.1177/0275074012465488.

Feiock, R., Portney, K. E., Bae, J., & Berry, J. M., (2014). Governing Local Sustainability: Agency Venues and Business Group Access. Urban Affairs Review 50 (2) 157-79.

Choi, C.G., Feiock, R. & Bae, J., (2013) The Adoption and Abandonment of Council- Manager Government. Public Administration Review 73(5), 127-36.

Feiock, R. (2013). The Institutional Collective Action Framework. Policy Studies Journal 41(3): 397–425. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/psj.12023/abstract

Bae, J. & Feiock, R. (2013). Forms of Government and Climate Change Policies in U.S. Cities. Urban Studies, 50(4), 776–788.

Feiock, R., Lee, I. W. & Park, H. J. (2012). Administrators and Elected Officials' Collaboration Networks: Selecting Partners to Reduce Risk in Economic Development. Public Administration Review 72(s1), 58–68.

Outka, U. & Feiock, R. (2012). Local Promise for Climate Mitigation: An Empirical Assessment. William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review 36(3), 635-70.

Lee, I., W. Lee Y. & Feiock, R., (2012). Interorganizatonal Collaboration in Economic Development Networks: An Exponential Random Graph Analysis. Policy Studies Journal 40(3), 547–573.

Ha, H. & Feiock, R. (2012). Bargaining, Networks, and Management of Municipal Development Subsidies. American Review of Public Administration 42(4), 481- 497.

Lee I.W., Feiock, R. & Lee Y. (2012). Competitors and Cooperators: A Micro-Level Analysis of Regional Collaboration Networks. Public Administration Review 72( 2), 171–316.

Yi, H. & Feiock, R. (2012). Policy Tool Interactions and the Adoption of State Renewable Portfolio Standards. Review of Policy Research 29(2), 193-206.


Recent Awards and Achievements

Board of Scientific Counselors, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development HSC, January 2014-present.

Jerry Collins Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair 2013

Graduate Faculty Mentor Award, Florida State University, 2011.

Marshall E. Dimock Award for the best lead article in Public Administration Review 2010.

Donald C. Stone Award for Scholarship on Intergovernmental Administration and Management,

American Society for Public Administration, SIAM, 2010.

Manning J. Dauer Award for career achievement, Florida Political Science Association, 2009

William E. Mosher and Frederick C. Mosher Award for the best article written by an academician in Public Administration Review , 2008.

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