Fran Berry

Frances Berry
Frank Sherwood Professor & Askew Eminent Scholar Chair

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Political Science
M.A., University of Minnesota, Public Affairs
M.A., University of Minnesota, Political Science
B.A., Washington University, Political Science

Specializations: Public and nonprofit management, public policy and innovation, state and intergovernmental administration

Phone: (850) 644-7603
Office: 649 Bellamy

Prof. Berry and published widely and her scholarly research has explored four major topics: (1) policy innovation, diffusion and change; (2) strategic management in state and local agencies; (3) implementation and utilization of policy and administrative reform, and (4) the utilization of computer technologies in public and nonprofit agencies. Since moving to Florida State University in 1990, she has served as project director on over three dozen projects with FL state and nonprofit agencies. She teaches public policy theory, implementation and evaluation; strategic management and managing for results; and intergovernmental relations.

Dr. Berry currently serves as President of the Southern Evaluation Association, National Conference Program Chair of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration and on campus, Dr. Berry serves as Chair of the FSU Commission on the Status of Women, on the Executive Committee of the College of Social Sciences, as a member of the FSU Athletic Committee, and the Chair of its Academic Standards Subcommittee.

Recent Publications and Papers

Symposium Editor, “Intergovernmental and Intersectoral Administration, forthcoming in Public Productivity and Management Review. Spring 2004.

“Strategic Planning as a Tool for Managing Organizational Change , ”International Journal of Theory and Budgeting, symposium on “Managing Organizational Change, ”Tom Liou, ed., 2003 (forthcoming).

“Mediation in State Agency Administrative Procedures: An Assessment of its Use in Florida State Agencies, ”with Bruce Stiftel, in Evaluating Environmental and Public Policy Dispute Resolution Programs and Policies, Rosemary O'Leary and Lisa Bingham, eds., 2003.

"“A Response to the Case: Economic and Downtown Development in Phoenix," iPublic Performance and Management Review, Fall, 2002.

“Program Evaluation in State Legislatures: Professional Services Delivered in a Complex, Competitive Environment, ”with John Turcotte and Sarah Latham, in Responding to Sponsors and Stakeholders in Complex Evaluation Environments, Rakesh Mohan, ed., American Evaluation Association, October 2002.

Recent Awards and Achievements

Awarded a Partner Award by Volunteer Florida!!, for five years of service during 2000-2004 with Ralph Brower.

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